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We always encourage qualified dog trainers to submit articles to The Modern Dog Trainer.

Interested in contributing an article?
Here’s what you need to know.


Our articles are read by amateur and professional dog trainers far and wide so we set minimum qualifications for article contributions to maintain the integrity of our content.

All of our guest contributors are required to have a certification in the dog training industry.


The majority of our audience is amateur and professional dog trainers. Keep this in mind when writing an article! Only articles written for our audience will be considered.

Content & Formatting

Please take the time to read some of our previous articles before writing one for our website. 

  • Minumum length: 600 words
  • All words in headers must be capitalized
  • All images must be owned by the contributor. 

Apply to contritbute an article here:

Are you a certified dog trainer? (Any certification.)

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