The Modern Dog Trainer blog contributors invite the expert website designer and dog trainer, Alice Tong, CPDTKPA CTPCSAT, to discuss tips for designing your dog training website and even how to be prepared to work with a website designer if you choose to hire someone.

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Episode 2 – Designing Your Dog Training Website – Podcast Show Notes

designing your dog training websiteAbout Alice Tong, CPDTKPA CTPCSATTraining & Website Design

Alice creates websites for a variety of industries, but she specializes in websites for dog trainers, dog walkers, therapists and other service providers who support using positive reinforcement and humane science-based methods with dogs and people. Being a positive reinforcement dog trainer and therapist herself, she has a thorough understanding of the services and clientele in our industry, and an immense passion for helping people and dogs. By supporting you and your website to shine, Alice hopes more people and dogs will have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness and joy that can come from using positive reinforcement and humane science-based treatment methods.

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