What Is Clicker Training? – Our Favorite Explanation

What Is Clicker Training? – Our Favorite Explanation

1012392_10152827921437193_2779108844427603178_nHere’s our favorite explanation to the common question: What is clicker training?

Clients always ask: What is clicker training? Even if they don’t ask, what they think they know may be incorrect or incomplete. This video by Kristin Crestejo is our favorite video explanation of what clicker training is and how to use it to train animals.

Clicker training is a wonderful training method that precisely identifies what behavior the animal performed that earned them the reward they were working for. This allows them to acquire the behavior accurately, quickly, and with great enthusiasm. The clicker is simply a piece of metal that makes a “click” sound when you press it with your thumb. The click should always be followed by a reward that the animal values. Clicker training is used worldwide to train zoo animals, wildlife for military operations, and top performance competition champions. Fortunately, it is easily applied to the needs of the common owner and their dogs.

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