Dogs Out Loud: A Rehab Program For The Last 10%

Dogs Out Loud: A Rehab Program For The Last 10%

Dogs Out Loud Is Saving Dogs On Death Row

Dogs Out Loud is dedicated to saving the last 10% of dogs who face euthanasia in a no-kill, city-run shelter in Austin, Texas. Dogs deemed unadoptable due to their behavior issues now have a chance thanks to the Dogs Out Loud program and volunteers.

We took a few minutes to interview some of the founders of the Dogs Out Loud program to learn about the work they are doing to save these troubled dogs on death row.

The Dogs Out Loud group is determined to provide quality training to the dogs who need it the most. They utilize modern dog training methods to help dogs overcome their fear or frustration issues in the shelter. This group follows through with their commitment to the dogs by providing post-adoption support and training for the new family.

Dogs Out Loud provides adopters with continuing support post-adoption:

  • Free group training classes
  • Free home visits
  • $100 scholarship to local training facility when dog graduates from DOL program
  • Lifetime adoption support guarantee including invitations to group hikes, Wine & Woof dog behavior gatherings, & free quarterly seminars
  • Heartworm treatment for any heartworm positive dogs paid for by DOL through Animal Trustees of Austin
  • Take home care packet including information folder & Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.’s Love Has No Age Limit

Their next pursuit is to get a facility in order to serve more dogs and save more lives. They are open to sharing their processes with anyone interested. They also look forward to spreading to other shelters once they’ve fully satisfied the needs of the dogs at the Austin Animal Center.

If you’ve been inspired, like we have, to start a program like this in your shelter please do not hesitate to reach out to them with questions!  They are excited to share the methods to their success!

Does your local shelter have a similar program? Share your experience in the comments below!

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