5 Benefits to Starting An Open Enrollment Puppy Class

5 Benefits to Starting An Open Enrollment Puppy Class

Open enrollment puppy classes gives clients flexibility and puppies a head start. These classes offer many benefits to all involved – the clients, the puppies, and the instructor(s).

Open Enrollment Puppy Class

Why You Should Host An Open Enrollment Puppy Class

1) No Waiting To Start Class

Puppies can start as soon as they arrive in the home and have received their required amount of vaccinations. No waiting until the next class starts.

2) Community of Puppy Owners

There are widely varying levels of experience, training, and puppy “issues” in the class – so new puppy families can see that they are not alone and also that there is hope for their puppy. Students also learn from each other.

3) Easy Make Up Policy

If families must miss a class, they can make it up the next time it rolls around. The rolling enrollment model offers far more flexibility with schedules. When coming to class is more flexible, families are more likely to come.

4) Continuous Income

Income from class fees and product sales comes in more steadily and frequently.

5) Stronger Customer Retention

Because the instructor spends more time working one-on-one with each family, they are more likely to continue taking classes with the instructor as their puppy grows up (customer retention).

Implementing an open enrollment puppy class can be challenging (stepping out of a comfort zone), but once it gets up and running, the benefits are huge for all involved.

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