Day Two Summary At The Pet Professional Guild Summit

With no keynote speaker on Day #2, we were able to listen to our choice of presentations for every session. There were five different choices in every time slot.

I started my day with Janis Bradley and her presentation, “That’s the Lab in Him. Breed Bias, a Distraction from the Dog in Front of Us.” In this presentation, she talked about the part genetics plays in behavior for dogs.

During the second time slot, I presented “Training and Maintaining Therapy and Crisis Response Dogs.” It was a small group, so we were able to have a great discussion and we all shared a great deal of information about liability, what skills and training therapy and crisis response dogs should have, and what kinds of exposure.

After lunch, I attended Diane Garrod’s presentation, “Solving the Aggression Puzzle and Multi-Dog Household Fighting.” Unfortunately, the aggression portion of the presentation took up most of the time and there was not much information shared about multi-dog household fighting. The aggression puzzle information was very visual and contained a lot of information.

For my second afternoon session, I went to learn from Pamela Johnson about “Training Snake Aversion the Force-Free Way.” This session was more general in scope because the skills necessary for training a dog to avoid snakes is many of the same behaviors we train in many dogs – for example, recall, leave-it, safe place, and heeling – just with a different emphasis and a particular focus.

At the end of the day, they offered “bite-size lecture sessions.” These sessions are only 30 minutes long. I attended Lara Joseph’s session “On-line Behavior and Training Consultations and How They Are Successful.” In this virtual, online world, this is a great way for trainers to meet the needs of even more clients.

I’m looking forward to Day #3, but my brain is full and I am ready to go home and start implementing some of the new things I have learned.

See Laurie’s thoughts from day 1 of the Pet Professional Guild Summit here!

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Day One Summary At The Pet Professional Guild Summit

Day One Summary At The Pet Professional Guild Summit

Day one was rich with information!

The Summit opened with PPG President Niki Tudge sharing her vision for the future and thanking those who have helped get both Pet Professional Guild and the Summit itself to this point. “Let the results of force-free training and pet care stand up and be counted.”

Niki Tudge

Pet Professional Guild Summit – Keynote Speaker

The Keynote speaker was Dr. Karen Overall. She spoke for the rest of the morning; her presentation was split intofour sections:

From Leashes to Neurons: Humane Behavioral Care for Dogs
1. The brain in evolution and everyday life
2. Neurobiology of reactivity and stress
3. Assessing behavior: what do tests tell us?
4. No fear – redefining humane behavioral care

“Good relationships are not based on fear and restraint. We now have choices. We can do better and understand more. Forward…..”

Dr. Karen Overall

For the afternoon sessions, I attended the lecture and the lab with Chirag Patel: Shaping the Co-Operative Patient. In an interesting metaphor, he said, “Husbandry is my agility.” His lab gave dog/handler teams the opportunity to try out stationing behaviors and The Bucket Game.

“Inspire. Empower. Change.”

Chirag Patel with Laurie and Ashley

Chirag Patel with Laurie and Ashley

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The First Ever Force-Free Dog Training Summit

The First Ever Force-Free Dog Training Summit

PPG Summit logo

The Pet Professional Guild’s (PPG) inaugural educational convention is taking place in Tampa, Florida on November 11-13, 2015. Professional dog trainers with a strong conviction in their belief in force-free dog training will gather to learn about science-based training.

The PPG hopes to build greater awareness about the organization and increase collaboration between colleagues. Savvy pet owners are also encouraged to attend to learn about animal training methods that build communication between owner and animal. Veterinarians who attend will have networking opportunities and learn about force-free animal handling techniques.

The PPG has stood as one of the only organizations that strongly reject the notion of using force in any way to control and train animals. They widely advertise the fall out that shock, choke, fear-inducing, and force-full methods can create. As advocates for training methods, they encourage the use of techniques that motivate animals using positive reinforcement without any use of intimidation.

The Worlds Very First Force-Free Summit

The PPG’s Force-Free Summit is the very first of its kind.  Aside from the fact that all content will cover force-free and science-based animal training methods, the Summit will include a variety of educational and entertaining events for all members of the dog and pet industry.

“We can guarantee that our first-ever Force-Free Summit will be a milestone as far as advocating for force-free, positive training techniques is concerned,” said Niki Tudge, PPG president. “We can also guarantee a highly interactive and fun format for all who attend. We have placed a huge emphasis on formulating an educational event that offers a combination of lectures and working LABS, where industry professionals will have the opportunity to work with their pets under the guidance of a highly skilled mentor.”

The PPG Summit will feature more than 26 presenters over its three-day duration, and promises an enticing line-up of speakers and subject matter. World-renowned vet, applied animal behaviorist and author, Dr. Karen Overall, will deliver the keynote address, an unmissable presentation that will cover topics such as the canine brain, the neurobiology of reactivity and stress, assessing behavior and redefining humane behavioral care.

PPG Conference

Other speakers at Summit 2015 include a who’s who of behavior and training professionals:

  • Dr. Michelle Duda,
  • Dr. Soraya Juarbe-Diaz,
  • Chirag Patel,
  • Ken McCort,
  • Jacqueline Munera,
  • Pamela Johnson,
  • Theresa McKeon,
  • Emily Larlham,
  • Pat Miller,
  • Nancy Tucker
  • Laurie Schlossnagle (Our very own Modern Dog Trainer Blog contributor!!!)
  • and many more, all of whom will contribute with lectures, working LABS, or smaller, more intimate, interactive sessions

This conference is sure to make some waves throughout the dog training industry. We look forward to hearing from Laurie about her experience as a presenter and attendee. She’ll be posting updates on The Modern Dog Trainer blog about the lectures, networking events, and accommodations so stay tuned!

Registrations for Summit 2015 are still open, with just a few spots left. Various packages are available to ensure delegates have a range of convention experiences and payment options to choose from. Continuing education units are available for PPAB, IAABC, CCPDT, KPA and PPG. For more information, see Force-free-Summit.

PPG Summit Updates

Laurie attended the PPG Summit as a speaker and as an attendee. Read about her experiences in these posts:

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