Modern Training for Modern Dog Trainers

Modern Training for Modern Dog Trainers

The internet is a powerful resource for continuing education. As our industry progresses into the modern age, trainers are discovering new ways of learning, including online classes. One class that has really struck me is Michael Shikashio’s class on dog aggression through Dog Trainers Connection. The DTC is an online course platform where you can find a variety of mini-webinars by world renowned professional dog trainers.

What Makes an Online Class Great?

While nothing beats a hand-on approach to learning new dog training skills. Online classes allow trainers from all over the globe to access teachers and education they might not otherwise have the ability to access. Additionally, online classes are usually less expensive than in-person seminars.

What makes an online class stand out though? How do you know you’ll get valuable information from it? You’ll want to make sure the class includes some or all of the following:

  • Video – Dog training is a very visual skill. Most trainers need to see it in action to understand new concepts so video allows people online to watch and learn.
  • Written Material – Whether the written material is a copy of the slides or additional handouts, written material will help you refer back to what you learned for years to come and is extremely helpful.
  • Live Instruction – Some of the best online courses offer a live webinar portion. You can learn a lot from watching a trainer work with a dog live – with no edits. Dog training is all about problem solving so watching an instructor problem solve in real time can be very valuable.
  • In-depth Structured Outline – Just like any class, the online class should also have a structured outline or curriculum of the skills you can expect to learn.
  • How to Work Aggression Cases A-ZQ&A with the Instructor (Live or Forum) – There is no reason an online class can’t offer you the ability to ask questions to the instructor. Good students will have questions about the material. Questions also help learners process the information they are absorbing.
  • Transcripts of the Recordings – Transcripts allow you to go back and search for things that were said. Video recordings are great but you can’t easily search for information like you can with text.
  • CEUs from Certifying Organizations – CEUs are important to track and gain to maintain your certifications. They also are a good representation of the quality of the class your thinking about taking. Lots of CEUs generally mean very high quality material.

How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z with Michael Shikashio

Michael Shikashio is the president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). He is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and specializes in dog aggression. He is the epitome of a knowledgeable, qualified, and professional dog trainer.

Michael has impressed a lot of trainers with this new course. In fact, before I even got the chance to write this article, the first course has already sold out! How to Work Aggression Cases from A-Z contains all of the qualities of a great online class I listed above. Thankfully, Dog Trainers Connection is opening up a second session so that more trainers can access his in-depth course on working aggression cases.

How to Work Aggression Cases A to Z is a five-part video series. It includes everything you need to know about before taking aggression cases.

  • Considerations Before Taking Aggression Cases
  • Initial Phone Call Process
  • Initial Assessment and Evaluation
  • Safety Precautions and Protective Gear
  • Collaborating with Veterinarians
  • Case Studies
  • Making a Prognosis
  • Classical and Operant Conditioning Training Methods
  • Behavior Modification Plans
  • Trouble Shooting
  • and more!

If you’re considering adding aggression cases to your services, this course will set you up for success. Learn more about the course at Dog Trainers Connection.

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