CleverPet: The New Game Console For Dogs

CleverPet: Challenge Your Dog Like Never Before

Have you heard of CleverPet yet? At the beginning of the year at the CES conference, a brand new dog puzzle toy was announced. Essentially, this is a new game console made specifically for your dogs.

How does CleverPet work?

CleverPet can hold and dispense any type of dry dog food. There are three buttons on the console’s body, and it begins by dispensing a treat for free to get the dog acclimated to the console. Then, the game gets a little harder once your dog catches on. This game console adapts to what your dog needs while playing and can even get your dog to press lighted sequences before dispensing a treat. CleverPet is being pitched as the best puzzle toy on the market for dogs as it constantly challenges our dogs in different ways. In fact, new games can continually be added to the CleverPet hub via your home’s WiFi signal.

Leo Trottier is one of the co-founders and holds a PhD in cognitive science from the University of California, San Diego. He claims that this toy is a great alternative to doggy day care or a great toy for families who are afraid their dogs are getting bored at home. He says that CleverPet is a great way to dole out food to your dog throughout the day and that you can keep tabs on your dog’s activities during the day while you are gone through their mobile app.

Why Should Dog Trainers Care?

  1. Separation Anxiety: This is an obvious game changer, but imagine the entertainment it can provide for our client’s dogs who live with separation anxiety. The fact that it changes games will keep their¬†dogs entertained longer than a Kong or other fillable toy would.
  2. Family Life: Are your clients bringing home a baby soon, or are they looking for ways to entertain their dogs while they deal with the life of children? This is a great way to engage their dog’s minds so parents don’t feel guilty not giving their dog as much attention as they are used to having.
  3. Confidence: Do your client’s dogs have low self esteem or confidence issues? Starting off easy and slowly getting harder will help build the confidence in dogs who need help.

CleverPet can currently be pre-ordered on their website for $299. To find out more information and watch this console in action, visit their website.

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