5 Reasons To Encourage Crate Training With Clients

5 Reasons To Encourage Crate Training With Clients

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Crate Training Can Seem Peculiar To Clients

For those unfamiliar with crate training, it can seem cruel, almost as if the dogs are being caged like zoo animals.  However, as a savvy trainer, it is important to be able to explain to your clients a few reasons they should strongly consider crate training.

Know Where The Dog Is

Explain to your clients the great peace of mind that can come from knowing exactly what scene they will be walking into upon their arrival home – their dogs, happily wagging, safely contained in a crate, nothing in their home destroyed.  Day after day, consistently.

Home Security Systems

Many people these days have home security systems.  Remind your clients that if their alarm system goes off and the police are notified, the police WILL enter their home, with or without them present.  Wouldn’t your clients rather know their dog is safely out of harm’s way due to being happily crate trained?

Windows = Automatic Dog Trainers

When dogs have access to windows during the day because they are free roaming, they can learn some valuable lessons.  Valuable to them, at least.  These include: barking scares the mail carrier away; barking scares pedestrians away; barking scares passing dogs away; barking scares delivery people away.  That means your client’s dog has learned that barking excessively makes things go away.  This is not really a lesson most people want their dogs to possess!  Crate training keeps the dogs away from windows, preventing them from getting over-aroused multiple times throughout each day.

Learn To Relax

Dogs that are permitted to roam around the house, pestering the cats, barking out the windows, and finding other ways of entertaining themselves have a high probability of getting into trouble.  Crate training teaches dogs to relax and enjoy downtime, especially when left with a lovely chew toy or work-to-eat toy in their crate.

No Issues With Other Household Animals

Many of your clients will be multi-pet owners.  Whether those pets are all dogs, dogs and cats, dogs and birds, or some other combination, crate training ensures the safety of all animals in the household.  Encouraging your clients to crate train means they will not ever have to be concerned about coming home to an injured or dead pet due to a fight that may have started over something as insubstantial (to people) as a tissue on the floor or play that escalated without supervision.  Clients enjoy knowing that all of their beloved pets are safe and happy and will remain so.

Many clients may balk at the idea of crate training.  Being able to calmly explain different benefits of it will enable them to start working through their antipathy towards the idea.

What are some other reasons you can think of to encourage crate training?

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