3 Important Things To Include In Your First Email To A Client

3 Important Things To Include In Your First Email To A Client

3 Important Things To Include In

Smart Emails Leave A Lasting Impression

When connecting with a new potential client, it’s important to leave the best impression possible. Your first email to a client may be the only chance you get to deliver your message. Start off with a relevant subject line and don’t fluff your email with random information. Have a go-to template for first interactions so it will save you time in the long run. Fill out the necessary must-haves and plug-in specific information that’s relevant to the client.  It has been said that “first impressions last a lifetime.” Below is a list of the three necessary must-haves:

1. Contact Information

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you don’t have a signature line in your email with all of your current information, the client won’t know how to contact you. Include the name of your business and the locations you cover. You should also include links to your social media profiles so they can join you there as well!

2. Prices

List prices for the services that they are inquiring about. Asking questions about their lifestyle over the phone can help you get a feel for what they can afford, then follow-up with a friendly and professional email with the services you recommend.

3.  Clear & Concise Message

Don’t overwhelm the reader with lots of mumbo-jumbo. Most clients don’t know what all the letters behind your name stand for and most don’t care. They do care that you are educated and know what you are doing. If the business side of your company is sloppy, clients may think it will reflect on your work ethic or training skills.

Emails that are concise, polite, and intelligent will help your business stand out from the crowd. Someone may not know your brand, but if you send them a well-written message, they’ll prefer you to someone who took less care. It should be stated that emails with personality build engagement more successfully than cold, robotic ones. This is a service business after all!

How do you structure your emails to potential clients?

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