Top 3 Ways To Train “Place”

Top 3 Ways To Train “Place”

train "place"“Place” is a behavior in which the dog goes to lie down on a mat and remains there until released. Here are the three best ways to teach your client’s dogs how to go to their place using modern dog training techniques. There are 6 different ways you can get a dog to do a behavior: luring, shaping, capturing, targeting, modeling, and prompting. Modern dog training should utilize only the most non-physical and non-forceful method possible. Here, we’ll discuss how to lure and shape the “place” behavior.

Luring Place

In this video by K9-1, they demonstrate how to use a food lure to teach a dog to go to their mat or “place.” This is probably the simplest way to train “place” since it requires no guessing from the dog. The dog simply follows the treat to the desired location and recieves the treat when they are correctly placed. Fading the lure can be difficult which is why it should be done after the first few repetitions. Using the lure treat too long can create a dog that only works for a visible treat.


Shaping Place

This method requires a basic knowledge of clicker training. The clicker is activated when the dog does the correct behavior and recieves a treat. Timing with the clicker can make or break this training method which can make it difficult for clients to pick up quickly. However, if you have a clicker-savvy client, this method can create a very solid and accurate behavior in the dog.

This video by Kikopup shows how to shape the “place” behavior and also provides great ways to utilize this skill for other obedience behaviors once it is aquired.

This video of the shaping method by the Pam’s Dog Academy demonstrates how quickly dogs can learn to repeat behaviors in order to make the clicker and treats happen. The clicker has been proven to work more accurately and effectively than a verbal marker, but it can be difficult to juggle for new clients.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” method for training dogs. Each dog and owner will have specific requirements and different paces of aquiring new behaviors. Both of these methods are quick, easy, and fun for all dogs. Using treats in training builds the bond between owner and dog because as the dog is learning new behaviors, they are making positive associations with their owner, enviornment, and the mat. The mat will soon be the most fun and exciting place to be for the dog.

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