Top Posts From 2017

Top Posts From 2017

2017 has come to an end, but we covered some pretty interesting topics this past year. Let’s take a quick look back at some of the most popular articles in 2017 to review and help us prepare for 2018.


1. Guest Post: A Passion for Primitive Dogs

It’s safe to say that primitive dogs have a passionate following. This article was our most popular article of the year. It spread like wildfire across social media and brought attention to the unique needs of primitive dogs. In this article, Molly Sumner shares some of her experiences living with and training several kinds of primitive dogs. This is a must-read for anyone that works directly with or intends to work with primitive dog breeds.


2. Top 7 High-Value Training Treats

One of the must-have skills of a talented professional dog trainer that utilizes positive methods is to truly understand what motivates a dog. Each dog is different and is motivated by different rewards. In this particular post, our contributor Liz Wyant identified seven popular high-value treats that professionals or dog owners can use to motivate and train the dogs they are working with.


3. How To Socialize Puppies Before Getting Them Fully Vaccinated

It’s clear that raising a puppy correctly helps prevent many behavior problems in the first place which helps to explain why this post is ever popular. Getting your or your client’s puppy out for socialziation during the critical early socialization periods is very important, but it can be challenging to do it without putting the puppy in health compromising situations. In this post, contributor Jorge Melara shares some professional tips for puppy socialization.


4. Top 10 Dog Training Conferences for 2017

At the end of each year Kat Camplin, our long-time contributor and podcast co-host, rounds up a list of highly anticipated conferences for the upcoming year. It’s no surprise that this post is still one of the most popular posts of the year. Looking into 2018 conferences? Check out our Top Animal Behavior Conferences of 2018 post.


5. 5 Great Games To Play In Your Obedience Class

Professional dog trainers are always looking to improve their lessons and classes. One of the best ways to get students to utilize their newly learned skills is to have them play games with their dogs. In this post, Monica Callahan lists out several games professional dog trainers can use in their obedience classes to improve their student’s mechanical training skills.


6. Review Of The Perfect Fit Harness

Professional dog trainers are always on the look out for the best and latest equipment that might help them better manage a dog. Setting a dog up to make the right choices is critical in making lasting behavior changes. In this post, contributor Lisa White shared her thoughts about the Perfect Fit Harness.


7. Mental Stimulation Ideas For Dogs

Another trick professional dog trainers often use to improve behavior, increase confidence, and reduce boredom is to utilize toys and games to increase mental stimulation. In this post, Laurie Schlossnagle shares some of her favorite ways to mentally challenge dogs.


8. How To Choose A Dog Training Business Name

One of the first thoughts that goes through a new dog trainer’s mind when they decide to start their own business is, “what should I call my business?!” It’s an important decision because it cannot be easily changed so in this post Kat shares some critical things to consider before deciding on a business name.


9. Top 5 Favorite Dog Harnesses For Training

Every trainer has their favorite harness. In this post, Lisa takes a look at several force-free harness options that allow better control over the dog without sacrificing the dog’s comfort.


10. Three Ways To Teach Relaxation

Until I got deep into the science of dog training and animal learning theory, the thought that I could teach an animal to relax never crossed my mind. Since I’ve learned how to train this skill, it’s one of my go-to strategies when working with high-anxiety, impulsive, and reactive dogs. In this article, Monica shares three different strategies you can use to teach your dogs or your clients’ dogs to relax at home or in class.


10 Best Dog Training Business Articles of 2015

10 Best Dog Training Business Articles of 2015

dog training articles

2015 has been an eventful year. In celebration, we’ve put together the top 10 most popular dog training business articles from this year. We are so thankful to have such a supportive readership and appreciate all the kind words you’ve shared with us this year.

We strongly believe that by sharing our knowledge of dog training business ownership we will help more positive reinforcement based trainers grow their businesses and reach more dog owners. All of the following articles received over 2,000 unique views and we’re extremely excited to see where the next year takes us!

  1. Mental Stimulation Ideas For DogsLaurie Schlossnagle . (34K views)
  2. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dog TrainersLaurie Schlossnagle . (17K views)

  3. Top 10 Dog Training Conferences for 2015 -By Kat Camplin . (11K views)

  4. Top 5 Favorite Dog Harnesses For TrainingBy Lisa . (8K views)

  5. Trainer Ethics: Calling Your Well Trained Dog A “Service Dog.”By Kat Camplin . (6K views)

  6. 7 Things That Are Common Sense For Dog Trainers But Not Dog OwnersBy Liz Wyant . (6K views)

  7. 10 Prejudices Owners Have Against Clicker Training That Are Wrong – By Laurie Schlossnagle . (5K views)

  8. Guest Post: A Passion for Primitive Dogs – By Molly Sumner . (4K views)

  9. Top 3 Mistakes Made By Trainers Using BAT – By Liz Wyant . (3K views)

  10. 3 Approaches to Teaching Loose Leash Walking – By Liz Wyant . (2K views)

I, as founder of The Modern Dog Trainer blog, would personally like to thank all of the blog contributors who share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with us all every month. The Modern Dog Trainer blog & podcast would not be where it is without their generosity and expertise!

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