Preparing For The APDT Conference in Hartford

Preparing For The APDT Conference in Hartford

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Finding Roommates

The APDT Community has a specific discussion thread about finding roommates for the APDT Conference. Having a roommate makes the trip and stay more affordable and fun! Roommates allow you to network efficiently by meeting friends of friends as you experience the conference together. Log on to the APDT Community to connect with several attendees that are currently searching for roomies!

Planning Your Conference Schedule

The APDT Conference is jam packed with a variety of speakers all four days. Unfortunately, you will have to pick and choose which speakers you’ll want to go see since many speak at the same time. Take a look at the Agenda for an idea of who is speaking when. This year, some of the speakers you’ll get to choose from are:

  • Patricia McConnell
  • Ray Coppinger
  • Christopher Pachel
  • Ian Dunbar
  • Sue Sternberg
  • Robin Bennett
  • Gail Fisher
  • Rise VanFleet
  • And so many more!

There is so much learning to be had and the possibilities are endless! You may want to plan ahead or you can meet some friends and tag along with their plans. After all, networking is one of the greatest benefits of attending any kind of professional conference.

Planning Your Meals

There are several quality restaurants located near the Conference. Here are the best rated restaurants within walking distance from the conference center:

  1. Ted’s Montana Grill
  2. Front Street Bistro
  3. DISH Restaurant (New American Cuisine)
  4. The Capital Grille
  5. ON20 (New American Cuisine)


Anytime you go to a new city, even if it is work related, it is important to check out some of the unique and entertaining features that you can discover. In Hartford, there are a few “must see” attractions you might want to slip away to while you’re in town.

Have you created a plan for your trip to the APDT conference this year? Which seminars or workshops do you consider “must see” events? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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