Dog Play: Breaking Down Body Language

Dog Play: Breaking Down Body Language

01a1a45ad765d6a08e89dab6559c539c5ec57c6c36-minBreaking down dog-dog play is an important part of teaching dog training and socialization classes.

In this video, Donna Hill narrates two dogs playing together. She helps us identify what dog play body language is occurring.

These two dogs demonstrate appropriate and reciprocal dog-dog play. The narration describes what is occurring as it happens. Rolling over, initiating play, and chase should be reciprocated by each dog. If one dog is doing most of the chasing or tackling, the pair maybe an uneven match and one dog may be bullying the other. The most important thing to remember is that each dog should take turns reciprocating the play and breaks should be taken frequently. Intervene using only positive interrupter to keep the interactions fun and upbeat while initiating breaks for the dogs.

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