Best 3 Ways To Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments

Best 3 Ways To Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments

Dog Trainers On The Go: Here are the best 3 ways to accept mobile payments.

Most of our time is spent out and about in client’s homes or teaching classes. Taking mobile credit card payments has become necessary, but there are some options that are much better than others. Don’t let companies take more than their competition would! These are our top 3 recommendations to accept credit card payments while you’re on the go.

Square Up

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Image via Square Up

The Square Up mobile payment system is one of the original mobile payment systems. Its design and system is intuitive and easy to navigate which is great when you’re juggling clients, dogs, and payments at the same time! Here are some of our favorite features about this system:

  • Quick and automatic transfer to your bank account in 1-2 days.
  • Works on and off-line.
  • Email or text receipts.
  • Request client’s feedback on their receipts.
  • Fee: 2.75% per swipe or 3.5% + $0.15 per manual entry.


PayPal has been a leading force in online payments, but they were not the first to tackle the need for mobile payments. Their system is great to send invoices that are quick and painless to pay which is ideal for client convenience.

  • Clients can pay from their own mobile app which eliminates the need for swiping credit cards.
  • Get a PayPal Debit Card and use them like a bank account. Receive 1% cash back on signed purchases.
  • Fee: 2.7% per swipe or 3.5% + $0.15 per manual entry.


Flint was founded in 2011 and is a solid alternative to Square Up and PayPal. It allows customers to easily pay in person or online and you don’t have to remember an extra attachment for your phone!

  • No card readers! Scan instead of swipe.
  • 1-2 day deposit into your bank account.
  • Connects with Quickbooks.
  • Can accept coupons.
  • Send automatic reminders and track tools.
  • Fee: 1.95% per scan for Debit and 2.95% for Credit.

Accepting mobile credit card payments is an ideal way to make sure you receive payments for your services. Having to constantly email clients to remind them to pay an online invoice is no longer necessary! These companies are here to stay and help with mobile businesses like dog training. Compare the benefits of each and decide which one suites your particular needs the best.

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