A Review Of The Laws of Connection

The “glue” for each Law of Connection, ie, what holds the behavior together.

David Hume: A Treatise of Human Nature   – Contiguity, Similarity, Causality
Ivan Pavlov: Classical Conditioning   Temporal contiguity
Edward Thorndike: Law of effect    Satisfaction
B.F. Skinner: The Behavior of Organisms    Reinforcement
R.J. Herrnstein: The matching law    Relative Reinforcement
David Premack: Premack’s principle   Transition to a more probable response

Peter Killeen, PhD Presentation Quotes.

On the matching law: “The greater the satisfaction, the greater the strengthening. The greater the dissatisfaction, the greater the decreasing.”

On Premack’s principle: “Reinforcers are responses, not stimuli.”
On the role of affect: “No matter how we think about stimuli and their settings, we must also know how to feel about them. Affect tells us which action modes to engage.”

On the role of emotions: “Emotions tell us what to do.”

Read more on the role of affect.

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