Using email newsletters is currently the best way to reach existing and potential clients. Email newsletters let you continue to provide value to your existing clients. They also help you reach out to potential clients who want to know more about you are and what you do. Receiving client’s emails through an email newsletter service, like MailChimp, gives you legal permission to contact them in the future to raise awareness about services you could offer them.

This step-by-step guide to getting your free MailChimp email newsletter account set up will get you started.

Create an Account

Click their red “Sign Up Now” button in the top right corner of the window. Use your business’ email address and a creative password to create your account.

set up an email newsletter

Don’t forget to verify your email before moving forward.

Confirm You Are Human

Once you click the blue “activate account”button in your email, you’ll need to confirm that you are indeed a human by completing the phrase from the reCAPTCHA.

set up an email newsletter 2


Set Up Your Profile

Next it will take you to the “set up your profile” page. Complete this page as completely as possible. Make sure to put in your real name, website address, and a physical mailing address (legally required).

set up an email newsletter 3


Set Up a Email List

Next you’ll want to create a sign up form so that people can submit their emails to sign up on your website. Select “Create a List” in the botton row.

how to set up an email newsletterGive your list a name (like “The Modern Dog Trainer Main List”), a default “from email,” and a default “from name” that people will recognize.

Once your list is created, select the “create a sign up form” option:

how to set up mail chimp


Select the “Embedded Forms” option to create a form you can put on any website.

Creating Your Sign Up Form

Set your sign up form title. Something like “Subscribe to Our Newsletter!” works just fine. Experienced email marketers usually offer a free PDF ebook with simple and fun information in exchange for an email address, but this isn’t always necessary.

Here we recommend only asking for the basic necessities like your reader’s first and last name and email address. The easier it is for them to sign up, the more likely they will be to register. Some sites only ask for email addresses, but it may be to your advantage to recognize clients as they sign up for services.

Set the form width to something between 200 and 300 pixels. Then copy and paste the form onto your website’s sidebar.

set up an email newsletter 6

Content For Your Newsletter

Once people sign up through the form, people will be expecting contact from you pretty quickly. If you wait too long before sending the first email, they may forget they even signed up for your newsletter in the first place. Make sure that your first contact with your new follower includes information that they will find useful and valuable. For example, you can think about what the most behavior issues you encounter are and provide quick and easy tips to help with management and prevention.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial about how to set up an email newsletter using MailChimp! Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your friends.

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