Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Submit

1. Is my piece inspiring, informative, and/or educational?

Posts featured on The Modern Dog Trainer are positive and informative. If your piece is snarky, or sarcastic, or not about dog training or running a dog training business, it’s probably not for us. If you’d like to write about astrology, or politics, please find the training related slant.

2. Has this already been covered on TMDT?

We feature a wide range of topics on The Modern Dog Trainer and we have a large library of great content. How can your piece add to what’s already there? Perhaps your submission can elaborate on one aspect that didn’t get a lot of attention!

3. What’s a great title?

Remember: our readers are busy. A good title has the potential to grab their attention and make them want to read your piece. If you’re stuck trying to create one, ask yourself: What problem does my article solve? How will reading this article make someone’s life better? How would I explain this to a friend?

4. Is my first paragraph succinct?

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Does your introductory sentence make the reader want to continue? Does your intro paragraph tell the reader very clearly and succinctly what the article will be about?

5. Am I offering readers actionable tips?

Many readers come to The Modern Dog Trainer to find solutions to common issues dog trainers come across. A great piece will provide tips that they can implement easily. Here’s an example of a tip that’s actionable: Inhale, count to ten, then exhale as you count to ten again. Notice how clear and precise that is? The reader knows exactly what to do. Here’s an example of a murkier tip: Let go. Okay, sure. But how? (See the difference?)

Please email us the following if you’re ready to submit your post:

  • Your full post with a working title (we may edit the title to better suit our audience). Please send this within the body of an email.
  • Any relevant images for your post (please send as separate files, not pasted within a doc). Please only send images that you own.
  • Your brief bio (less than 120 words) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages. Please put any relevant links in brackets like this both in your bio, and in the piece: []. Please DO NOT hyperlink.
  • A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.
  • The subject line of your email should read: Submission for Review
  • All of the above can be sent to: themoderndogtrainer at gmail dot com.