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Ep. 1 – Becoming a Full-time Dog Trainer with Special Guest, CCPDT President, Brad Phifer.

Ep. 2 – Tips for Designing Your Website with Expert Website Designer and Dog Trainer, Alice Tong, CPDT

Ep. 3 – The Bucket Game with Dearing English, KPA

Ep. 4 – The IAABC Shelter Program with Molly Sumridge

Ep. 5 – Building Online Dog Training Courses with Helix Fairweather

Ep. 6 – Interview with the  International Dog Parkour Association

Ep. 7 – Discussion on CCPDT Policies with President, Brad Phifer

Ep. 8 – Interview with Donna Hill of Service Dog Training Institute

Ep. 9 – Rachel Golub from San Diego Animal Training

Ep. 10 – Molly Sumridge on Compassion Fatigue in Pet Professionals

Ep. 11 – Brian Burton on Running a Successful Dog Training Facility in NYC

Ep. 12 – Jennifer Shryock of Family Paws™ LLC and Dogs & Storks®

Ep. 13 – Sarah Filipiak, CDBC, on Becoming a Pro Dog Trainer

Ep 14 – Lynn Webb on the First Years of Running a Dog Training Business

Ep 15 – Rachel Golub on In-Home Board and Trains and Aggression Cases

Ep 16 – Laura McGaughey and Courtney Kirman on Choosing and Working With a Business Partner

Ep 17 – Jeffrey McClure on New Dog Training Business Challenges in Rural Areas

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Every month we have a different guest on the show and we’re always looking for volunteers! If you run a successful business, are an author of a book, or have any knowledge related to dog training or running a small business, we want to hear from you! Contact us and let us know about your expertise.

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