Time is money – all dog trainers know that.

In the old days, for trainers to get paid, clients would have to lug around cash or checks to a training session. That required your clients to have to remember to withdraw cash, or bring their check book. And often times they would forget, forcing you to pester them continually until they get around to writing said check and putting it in the mail. That all lead to extra work on your client’s end, and then leaving you with further trips to the bank to deposit your hard earned dollars.


Electronic invoicing and payments have surfaced to slightly improve this laborious process. This puts less strain on clients (i.e., more time to pay) while giving them payment flexibility (i.e., pay with e-payment, not check). However this requires dog trainers to sit in front of a computer after a long day’s work and send out invoices, which doesn’t even guarantee that payments will be made on time (or at all).

PocketSuite – The Best Dog Training Business Mobile Payment App

Technology has evolved once again! Tools like Square and Venmo allow dog professionals to accept payments and credit cards from their phones while offering convenience to their clients. More advanced apps, like PocketSuite, even allow clients to reserve sessions and appointments upfront with credit card, enabling trainers to process payments while walking out of each session without hassling the client one bit.

Mobile payment apps as a whole offer core benefits compared to what you might be stuck using today, which in turn will help you run a more successful pet professional business.


Do work, get paid. That’s how mobile payment apps drive business – disrupting traditional invoicing so there’s no cumbersome process or ongoing game of “chase-and-remind” for clients who are late on payment. QuickBooks’ reign of clunky/desktop invoicing is over. Mobile and instantaneous payment methods free up dog trainers to put their time where it counts – on their actual skillset. With extra time on your hands, you are free to complete more sessions and win more clients.


Typically, dog trainers who wanted to accept credit and debit card payments had to invest in a merchant processor account. These accounts come riddled with extra fees (e.g., gateway fees, monthly minimum fees, statement fees) totaling between $25 to $35 per month. But now mobile payment options give you the ability to process credit card transactions without the infrastructure of a merchant processor account. Such mobile payment options free you from long-term contracts and numerous hidden fees, offering clear pricing and fast deposits for a fraction of the cost. And the best ones come without any hardware at all.


That’s convenience for both you and your clients. While you’re enjoying a life without invoicing and waiting for payments, your clients will enjoy a life with a lot less check writing, cash withdrawing and wallet opening. It’s freedom for both parties. At the same time, mobile payment apps can protect trainers from canceled jobs and client no-shows, by securing customer credit cards upfront when reserving appointments, all the while delivering clients an “Uber-like” experience.

Mobile payment apps flat out just make life easier for today’s pet professional. Dog trainers in particular will find that this independence, flexibility and support that these apps give them when running a business, will yield them more time and money – to help drive their business towards success.

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