On this episode we had a member of our Facebook Group, Jeffrey McClure, on the show to discuss the challenges of starting a new dog training business in a rural area. It is hard enough to get a dog training business going in the city, even more so in less populated areas, here are some ways to get your business off the ground in a smaller area.

Jeffrey McClure is the founder of Bangarang Bowwows dog training and pet services in Scottsbluff, NE. He has been training for around a year and is dealing with average business starting problems, plus the problem of living in a mostly rural area, where dogs are property. He is finding it hard to charge a rate that he can actually live off of. He is looking forward to hearing some business practices that could help him out.

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Show Notes

You can find Jeffrey Here:

The Modern Dog Trainer Facebook Group: Startup Tips for Modern Dog Trainers

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