Dog Trainers

The DogCrafter
Canine Performing Arts School. Force-free, dog & family friendly, positive training for your dog. Foundations, Puppies, Rally.

Training with the DogCrafter is fun and friendly for you and your dog. We specialize in puppy training, household manners, good foundations, beginning Rally Skills. Serving Loveland Colorado.

Loveland Dog Training
A Pawsitive Experience
Dog Services on a custom-personalized level

Small family companion classes, 8 sessions, 16 hours, includes socialization time. Home-based, personalized dog daycare and home-boarding (fully licensed, zoned, insured and approved by municipality). One of a kind puppy programs (Puppy Adaptation to World Stimuli aka P.A.W.S.) at Pawsitive targeting pups during their sensitive imprinting period (7 weeks to 16 weeks approximately) which include classes. Child and pet safety licensed.

Serving the Hamburg Township, NY area.

A Pawsitive Experience
A Will and a Prayer Pet Services LLC
Providing in home training, day training, walking and in your home sitting.

A Will & A Prayer Pet Services LLC. My goal is to provide you and your pet with the utmost in in-home care and training. I offer a variety of services to keep your pet happy and your mind at ease, from daily walks to day training. I cater to the special needs pet as well; fearful, medical issues, predatory, dog aggression, I work with you and your pet as individuals to put the best plan in place to keep your pet safe and happy.
Birmingham Obedience Training Club
A non-profit organization offering dog training at an affordable rate in Birmingham, AL.

We offer obedience and training classes for dogs of all ages. From the early Puppy Socialization and BOTC Right Start Puppy class all the way to competitive obedience and Rally, and Tracking, we teach you to train your dog. We host AKC Obedience, Rally, and Agility trials twice a year.

Serving the Birmingham, AL area.

Birmingham Obedience Training Club
Camp Bow Wow Peoria

Behavior Buddies is the Premier reward-based training from the largest pet care providers in North America – Camp Bow Wow® and Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow®. Behavior Buddies was created to help you modify your dog’s behavior issues, teach a new puppy the ropes, or make an already good dog a great dog!

Your Certified Behavior Buddies trainer will help you and your dog on the path to success. Our program is led by top national training experts with a focus on a reward-based training. We combine our extensive knowledge of dog behavior with your willingness to create a great relationship with dog! Let our training experts coach you and your dog to a sure-fire victory.

Where a good dog can be a great dog!

Camp Bow Wow – Arizona
Ditto’s Canine Learning Centre
We believe the relationship comes before performance.Training dogs is a logical consequence of good upbringing and education, rather than a goal in itself. Our training is reward and positive reinforcement based.

Our training is Bond- Based and Positive Reinforcement. We offer clicker training as a option for a faster responding dog.

We suggest ALL family members to be involved with the dog’s training and encourage the whole family to attend classes.

We will work with dogs of all breeds, genders and ages.

We teach you, the owner why dogs behave the way they do. For example barking & jumping up, why do they do it, and how to control it.

We love working with dogs adopted from Rescue Organizations and will work with dogs with existing behaviour issues.

Serving the Mahone Bay and Bridgewater areas of Nova Scotia, Canada

Ditto's Canine Learning Centre
Dog Training Mobile
We offer non harsh, pain free balanced Dog Training in your home. We come to you!

At The Dog Training Mobile, we believe your relationship with your dog should be like those you have with your family and friends: trusting, rewarding, and fun!
The Dog Training Mobile’s mission is to help you truly enjoy your dog’s companionship. Throughout our 25 years of experience, we’ve found that correcting unwanted behaviors is best achieved by first building a solid, balanced foundation of trust and mutual respect between you and your dog or puppy – without the use of force or harsh techniques.

The Dog Training Mobile takes an approach that is both natural and simple. Our overall goal is to lead your dog to make the correct behavioral choice for no other reason than because of the relationship you share. This special connection is grounded in leadership, balance and communication.

The Dog Training Mobile can help you get there.

Basic Tenets of Our Training Philosophy

Every dog and dog owner is unique
No one type of training method works for everyone
Using solid canine communication skills is key to building a good relationship with your dog and to solving unwanted behaviors
There’s no reason to inflict pain to train
Every new dog-human relationship provides a learning opportunity for all involved – myself including
Over the years, we’ve learned and used a wide array of training methods. I fully expect my dog training philosophy and techniques to continue to grow and evolve as animal behaviorists from around the world learn more about canine behavior through applied research, case studies, science and, most importantly, hands-on training. It just makes sense that we remain open to expanding our knowledge based on what science shows us, as well as what we learn from clients and their dogs themselves.

I hope this helps you understand the mindset and approach of The Dog Training Mobile. I look forward to meeting you and helping your pack soon!

Gerard Raneri: 520-440-8848 | [email protected]
Get Ready! Dog Training
Personalized Dog Training for YOU and your dog, including new puppy & basic manners. Training/coaching for AKC conformation, obedience, rally and agility.

So here we go!! Get Ready! Dog Training is gearing up to help YOU train your dog!!

Do you need help with your new puppy? Or maybe you need some help and guidance with behavioral issues? I would welcome the opportunity to come meet with you.

Perhaps you’re interested in training your dog to walk nicely on a leash instead of being dragged down the street. Or maybe you and your dog just need a little help with some basic manners training?

Finally, if you are interested in competing in dog events like Confirmation, Obedience, Rally and Agility, I can help get you there too with one-on-one training. And soon to come, group classes.

Get Ready! Dog Training can provide private training/coaching sessions for you and your dog.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

Robyn McNutt, APDT Professional Premium
Owner and Trainer
Get Ready! Dog Training
[email protected]

Get Ready! Dog Training
Gordon Vet Hospital
Gordon Vet Hospital has been caring for pets in the Gordon, Pymble and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Gordon Vet will look after you and your pets.

Gordon Vet Hospital is an independently owned hospital that has been serving the North Shore for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing professional pet care as well as compassion and understanding to all animals and their owners. Our partners are David Loneragan and Scott Lackenby, who are supported by a wonderful team of experienced, caring vets and nurses. Many of our staff have been at Gordon Vet for many years. Therefore, you are guaranteed to be greeted by a familiar face who knows you and your pet well. It is a place where you and your pet are made to feel welcome.


Serving the North Shore, Australia

Ku Ring Gai Vet Hospital
+61 2 9498 3000
Joey Luke’s Dog Training
Joey Luke’s Dog Training offers in-home private training sessions as well and board and train for clients across Southeast Michigan

Are you tired of your dog pulling you down the street on walks? Do you wish your dog would stop jumping on guests? Do you want a calm household where your dog listens to you and follows your commands?I’m here to help! I will address your dog’s behavior issues and help him to be calm and balanced. Furthermore I will teach you and your family how to become strong pack leaders who your dog trusts and respects.

I offer in-home private dog training sessions across southeast Michigan as well as a board and train program for owners who don’t have time to train their dogs themselves. Call me today at
(313) 208-2392 to learn more about my services and how I can help you.

Joey Luke's Dog Training