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We’re bringing the dog training industry into the 21st century by providing the most up to date industry tips to our readers. We can give you the tools and information to perform better and inspire you to help dog owners.

Our Mission

The Modern Dog Trainer helps dog trainers learn about and use modern business practices by providing business development and marketing tips. We help dog trainers like you…


Grow your dog training business.



Reach more dog owners.


Help more dogs.


Ines is an amazing lady. She is extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Over the past year she has provided me with a ton of great advice and is always willing to chat and share her experiences and knowledge.”

Samantha Freschette

Owner/Dog Trainer, Canine Coaching

Our Panel of Experts

Ines McNeil

B.S. Biology, CPDT-KA

Dog Training Business & Digital Marketing Expert

Ines is the founder of The Modern Dog Trainer blog, The Crossover Trainer blog, and her own local dog training business, All Positive Dog Training LLC in New York. She is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and also has a background in digital marketing strategy. She is able to mix her expertise in each field to provide the most relevant and actionable tips for dog trainers and their businesses. She has been studying and working with dogs for over 10 years and enjoys helping people regain tranquility in their lives with modern dog training techniques. Now, she helps modern dog trainers establish successful businesses so that they in-turn can help more dog owners and dogs live happy, enriched lives together.

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Kat Camplin

Kat Camplin


Dog Training Business & Marketing Expert

Kat Camplin is a professional dog trainer in Monrovia, California with a special interest in proofing behaviors around unusual distractions. She is a co-host on the podcast and frequent blog contributor.

Alice Tong Dote

Alice Tong Dote


Design & Digital Media Expert

Alice specializes in website design and digital media content for dog trainers and professionals who support using humane positive reinforcement methods with dogs and people.

Thomas Aaron

Thomas Aaron


Positive Gun Dog Training Business Expert

Tom Aaron runs a successful positive gun dog training program in Denver, Colorado and travels the country teaching other trainers how to do the same.

Molly Sumner

Molly Sumner


Expert on Compassion Fatigue and Training Primitive Dogs

Molly Sumner is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator and Therapist who helps pet professionals identify and overcome compassion fatigue. She is also skilled at training and titling primitive dog breeds. 

Laurie Schlossnagle

Laurie Schlossnagle


Nosework Expert: WCRL & CWAGS Judge

Laurie Schlossnagle is a KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA. She is the Trainer/Owner at Side By Side Dog Training. WCRL and C-WAGS Judge. Founder/Director Paws With Compassion.

Monica Callahan

Monica Callahan


Therapy & Service Dog Training Expert

Monica Callahan is the owner of Anything’s Possible LLC in the Cleveland, OH area. Monica participates in rally, agility, conformation, and therapy/crisis response work with her two dalmatians.

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