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The Modern Dog Trainer helps dog trainers learn about and use modern business practices to grow their dog training businesses, reach more dog owners, and help more dogs by providing business development and marketing tips.

We want this to be a conversation about dog training and business ownership. Our mission is to bring the dog training industry into the 21st century by providing the most up to date industry tips to our readers. We hope to give you the tools and information to perform better and to inspire you to help dog owners around you.

Ines McNeil, B.S. Biology, CPDT-KA

Ines is the founder of The Modern Dog Trainer blog, The Crossover Trainer blog, and her own local dog training business, All Positive Dog Training LLC in New York. She is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and also has a background in digital marketing strategy. She is able to mix her expertise in each field to provide the most relevant and actionable tips for dog trainers and their businesses. She has been studying and working with dogs for over 10 years and enjoys helping people regain tranquility in their lives with modern dog training techniques. Now, she helps modern dog trainers establish successful businesses so that they in-turn can help more dog owners and dogs live happy, enriched lives together.


liz wyantLiz Wyant, CPDT-KA

Liz is a trainer for Pit Bull Zen in Cleveland, Ohio.  She has a passion for Pit Bulls and a soft spot for dogs with reactivity issues.  She is a crossover trainer and loves educating people about force-free training.  She recently passed the exam and became a CPDT-KA.


erin besseyErin Bessey, CPDT-KA

Erin Bessey, B.S. CPDT-KA. Erin is the founder and owner of Bessey’s Positive Paws (BPP) in Central Maine. She has been involved in the animal field for over 15 years but has been training professionally for 10. She obtained a B.S. in Zoology and divides her time between work at the Windsor Veterinary Clinic and BPP. She takes a great interest in the health and fitness of dogs as well as educating people about positive reinforcement training.

laurie SchlossnagleLaurie Schlossnagle, CPDT-KA

Laurie is KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA. She is the Trainer/Instructor/Handler/Owner at Side By Side Dog Training. WCRL and C-WAGS Judge. Founder/Director Paws With Compassion.


thomas aaronThomas Aaron

Thomas Aaron is the owner of FetchMasters, LLC, which provides pet dog training in Denver and specializes in off-leash reliability. He also founded the Positive Gun Dog Training program and the Positive Gun Dog Association, and he is a pioneer in training hunting dogs without the use of traditional, punishment-based methods.
Tom lives in Denver with his wife, Linda (who is the co-owner of FetchMasters and is amazingly supportive), and his three dogs: Alie the Labrador, who served as Tom’s best friend and guinea pig as Tom developed his positive gun dog training protocols; Rooster the German Shorthaired Pointer, one of the nation’s first positively trained pointing dogs; and Roscoe the Bluetick Coonhound, who Tom trained as a bed bug detection dog on a whim.
When not training dogs in Denver, Tom enjoys international travel – particularly as it pertains to studying how other cultures value, handle and interact with their dogs. He also enjoys the act of entrepreneurship – from the dreaming up of business ventures to their implementation.

Monica CallahanMonica Callahan, B.S., KPA-CTP

Monica Callahan is the owner of Anything’s Possible LLC in the Cleveland, OH area. She enjoys teaching owners how to communicate with their dogs so they can trust them. Monica participates in rally, agility, conformation, and therapy/crisis response work with her two dalmatians, Delta and Doc.


katya rownyKatya Rowny, CPDT-KA

Originally from Russia, Katya is the owner/head trainer of CanineComrades,LLC  located in Montgomery County, MD. She has two rescued pit bulls at home as well as her rescued cat, Celine Dion. Katya recently passed her certification exam to become CPDT-KA.


Ashley Oslund AltamiranoAshley Oslund Altamirano, CPDT-KA

Ashley Oslund Altamirano has been training dogs and their humans since November 2011. She graduated from Texas State University in 2006 with a B.S. in Geography. Her passion was gained through working with local rescue organizations and her own dogs, Shayda & Boss.  She has attended various conferences (ClickerEXPO & APDT Conferences) to enhance her professional skill set, and achieved her CPDT-KA in Mar 2014. Ashley has progressed through various levels of responsibility from box store group training to independent development focused training.


kat camplinKat Camplin, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Kat’s parents put dogs in her crib and she hasn’t been without a dog since. She’s a CPDT-KA and KPA-CTP providing dog training in Monrovia, California with a special interest in proofing behaviors around unusual distractions. Along with her dog Shira, Kat visits and supports local hospitals with Therapy Dogs visits.


jorge melaraJorge Melara, CPDT-KA

Jorge Melara, CPDT-KA is a 14-year veteran in the world of Force Free and Positive Reinforcement training who has made it his mission to spread the word about these techniques.  The foundation of Jorge’s philosophy roots from his experiences working with children. Before training dogs, Jorge lived in Florida working with children who had a variety disabling conditions. While training for Occupational Therapy, his career began like many other trainers when he adopted his dog, CJ, who had behavioral issues. He found that many of the techniques he used with the children were applicable to training puppies and difficult dogs just the same. His career quickly took off and it’s no wonder the Bronx embraced his canine socialization service called “Wanna Go Outside” which provides enrichment and training for dogs in a group setting. He’s also the Owner of Divine K-9 (like on Facebook), a NYC and Madison, WI based company whose aim is to support dog-owners in accessible, humane and joyful training. Jorge is also known for his big heart: he’s often found volunteering his time and skill for various not-for-profit organizations and events that educate dog-owners on the importance of Positive Reinforcement.

lisa whiteLisa White, CPDT-KA

Lisa White CPDT-KA is the owner of The Dog Trainer, in Barbados and has been training dogs for over 25 years. She is a crossover trainer, who started her journey in April 2013. She took the CCPDT’s rigorous exam in spring 2014 to become the only CPDT-KA in Barbados. She enjoys teaching people to train their dogs, of any age, any breed, but especially loves training puppies.



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